Windows7 Tricks
01- To change ur W7 fat taskbar to fat or skinny, move ur cursor down to taskbar empty space, rightclick > Properties
    > Taskbar tab > Use small icons > apply > Ok.

02- To click & drag to move ur taskbar to 4 screen directions, Unlock ur taskbar, to unlock move ur cursor down to taskbar mpty space, rightclick > uncheck Lock the taskbar.

03- To add an Internet address search to ur taskbar, rightclick on empty space taskbar > Toolbars > check on Address.

04- To Auto-Hide ur taskbar & temporary display it by Mouseover, rightclick on empty space > Properties > taskbar tab > then check on it.

05- To turn your 'view desktop' Aero Peek on and off, right click on ur taskbar right-hand corner > select 'Peek at desktop', then clicking repeatedly on that little position, u can show/hide ur Desktop.