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(Excel 2010 Tutorial For Beginners #1 - Overview (Microsoft Excel)

- - DropDown List: select ur list > DATA > Data Validation > in the dialouge set Allow to LIST > type in the SOURCE Yes,No,Don't know > OK - to Align Value select it then rightClick > Format Cells > Alignment > General > Left. - To do serial Numbers use type this code in ur second number position =IF(ISBLANK(E4)," ",D3+1) then copy from number 2 to the ur last name this means if E4 is blank (which is not blank) make blank, but if its not blank from D3 (which is ur 1st No) add 1 see youtube MS Excel : Automatically Insert Serial Number - to calc a sum in a culumn, and want to add another sums in the future just =SUM(B4:B17 so if u had B4 upto B7 its calc, then once u add B8 it will calc Auto. - to AutoCalc a row sum =SUM(from point : to another point) such as =(B3:F3) . - that SUM u've done as a Row, to AutoCalc as Culumn, just pull BlackCircleSign to the bottom OR hover ur mouse over Plus sign then DoubleClick. - to Center a Title text, click on first cell & pull until ur desired cell. - to edit or Bold a diff text rows, click on first cell & pull until ur desired cell, then tap on Cntrl & go to & click on ther other Row or Col, then pull ur Row or Col, SEE: (Excel 2010 Tutorial For Beginners #1 - Overview (Microsoft Excel) - For BORDERS Select all your Data, then click on after B I U (Bold, Italic, Underline) & select ur Borders - NB: 2 '+' ayaa jirta tan weyne dhexda cad waa editing such as Text-Centerting, tan yare madowse waa command .. - to do CHART, highligh all data except Totals, > INSERT > COLUMN > 2-D COLUMN Once u Add 2 sums: - to edit some text or number, click on it & just type ur new. - To spreed a cell which not suficient its text, go to upper divider line & doubleClick =B3+B4) - use TAB key, once u want to next row click Enter. - To calc a Sum =(B3+B4)/3) - to calc Average =AVERAGE(B3:B4) - calc all is written in number 9 =SUM(3:3) - to limit or stop in center of No3 Row =SUM(B3:F3) - to calc all is written in E column =SUM(E:E) - to calc different sums, such as Jan to April and June to Oct =SUM(B3:B5,B9:B11) - to calc have of cell sum or 50% =B4*.5) - to calc 20% =B4*.2) - to calc total of entire ROW use numbers =SUM(9:9) - to calc total of Entire Coloum =SUM(B:B) - to calc AVERAGE or the have of a two diff sum: =AVERAGE(B3:B4 --- - to edit a sum, just double click the result or the Formula Bar. - to undo use ESCAPE - to allow for user or deny click Data > click Data Validation Dialoge box. - to cut a sum from another sum, just click any blank cell then type '=' sign, then click on ur 1st sum, then type ur logic sign '+', then click on ur 2nd sum, then Enter. --------------- 02 05. Adding Pivot Table columns to enhance data analysis, to create calculated field in 2007: select any cell of a table > options > in a tool click formulas > Calculate field ---------------------------------------------------------

Excel 2010 Tutorial For Beginners #3 - Calculation Basics & Formulas (Microsoft Excel)

- to calc result u can use Enter or tick sign at the formula Bar.